Starting with a backlog

It took several unsuccessful attempts with some CMS systems to actually decide that static web is perhaps the best thing to use for a site with one writer and one reader. Especially since it's the same person.

There are more unsuccessful attempts of various kinds I made in the past year: the "in progress" part of the Coding section is largely incomplete.


As for the stuff that's on my plate right now and I consider useful/interesting (this list is about to grow I suppose):

  • Find out how to treat the images and galleries with Pelican
  • MPDroid still doesn't have multiserver support and the upstream seems to go the way I don't like at all (adding closed-source automatic crash reporting...)
  • The game I've been writing for ages...
  • Get Pelican running on Android
  • Read book list, possibly in Czech

There is another dozen of git repositories I don't plan to ever touch again. Looking at all of what I tried and failed it seems the problem must be in the approach. So, dear myself, will you be able to really get to do anything every day? This is actually important.

Lots of boring fun.

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